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TOKKO is a youth charity that is inclusive, welcoming all young people in Luton and the surrounding area primarily between 13 and 19 (up to 24 with a disability); providing informal learning activities and supporting bespoke programs for young people to improve their life chances across various funded projects.


TOKKO’s award winning building was designed by the young people of Luton; everything from it’s central location to the final fixtures and fittings.

TOKKO has a Youth Board which represents the diverse community in the local area. The youth board are at the heart of everything that TOKKO does. The youth board meet on a regular basis to plan activities for young people and community based projects. Two members of this youth board sit on the independent board to ensure the youth voice is heard at all levels. The youth board along with youth work staff consult with young people to identify their needs, aspirations and requirements. All projects and groups feed into the youth board through a young person’s voice to meet the needs of all.

TOKKO has successfully run a range of projects which have engaged, motivated and supported young people across the town from a diverse range of backgrounds and representative of the local community.


TOKKO would like to thank the following organisations for funding various projects and activities to support our young people.

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We run a large number of exciting projects to help you reach your goals what ever they are.

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