C.L.I.P (Care Leavers Information Panel)

Project Summary

The Care Leavers Information Panel (CLIP) is designed to provide peer support whilst enabling care leavers voices heard to be heard. The structure will empower care leavers to contribute as a key stakeholder to the 16+ team quality improvement and development plan. In addition to this, care leavers will be responsible for (with the support of lead youth worker) ensuring procedures, charters and policies are youth friendly and can be digested and understood by the service users. Care leavers will also develop knowledge and understanding around the local care system through specifically designed sessions.  They will also have the opportunity to access bespoke move on support through TOKKO’s diverse complementary projects.

This project is designed to develop independent living skills as a result of feedback from young people, whilst running parallel to supporting the organisation of the Bright Star Awards.

Key Information

Project eligibility

Young People (16+) who have left the care of the local authority.

Project timetable

Fortnightly on a Wednesday evening from 6pm.

Key partners / funders

16+ team, Luton Borough Council


Lead worker

Anna Butterworth – Youth Worker



Phone number

01582 544990


  • Develop money management skills through a range of transitional activities which meet the needs of a range of learners.

  • Contribute to the organisation of the Bright Star Awards and empower young people to be involved in running the event.

  • Develop ability to make informed decisions in which they are confident.

  • Develop employability skills through involvement in the new CLIP recruitment process and completion of individual application forms and interviews.

  • Increase cooking skills in a safe and supported environment whilst ensuring health and hygiene protocol is met.

Case Studies

Project Case Study 1

MT is a young person who came to the UK in 2015 as a looked after child and they didn’t speak any English. A year and a half later, through a lot of support from CLIP, MT is really confident and speaks very good English. They have a whole new set of friends and is continuing to engage in CLIP.

Project Case Study 2

As a group, CLIP decided to visit the local authority’s buildings to see where they can help. After they visited the building, they decided that they would not have recognised the building as 16+ as they had no signage. As well as this CLIP came up with some ideas to help make the waiting area friendlier for visitors. CLIP then came away from the building, fuelled with ideas and produced a design that they liked that 16+ can use as a logo. They then contacted a local company to create the design and fit the new sign. The building is clearly recognisable now and CLIP is working alongside 16+ to continue development for the future.

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