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Project Summary

The film school is a partnership between TOKKO and Eighth in the East with help from A Thin Place to create a documentary about American army personal in Luton during WW2. The young people from the film school researched the American GI’s and found out that when they visited the east of England they brought a dance with them called the Jitterbug. Luton however, didn’t like this dance and called it ‘too sexual’ and banned it from being used in the town. The dance was made legal again in the 1980’s and our young people like to rebel, 1940’s style! They are now creating a documentary around this topic and the history of Luton when the 8th united states air force stayed in Luton. A great project for those passionate about film making, learning new history or having fun!

Key Information

Project eligibility

14-24 years old and passionate about film making

Project timetable

Various dates and times depending on activity

Key partners / funders

Eighth in the east / A Thin Place

The Eighth in the East Festival at UCS, Ipswich.


Lead worker

Andy Calvert – Executive Manager


Phone number

01582 544990


  • Gain knowledge about the history of Luton during WW2
  • Have the opportunity to view their final pieces in front of an audience.
  • Learn new skills in regards to film making.
  • Have fun, meet new people and take part in new experiences.
  • Produce a film using the skills learnt and knowledge developed.

Case Studies

Project Case Study 1

When the young people started this project they were not very confident in the idea of a film school. This is because they lacked the skill set and knowledge they needed to produce a documentary on the history of the 8th United States air force in Luton during WW2. After a short while and a lot of research, the young people began to appear more confident about the idea and even started putting in their own ideas as to what they thought would look good. A year later and the young people almost run the project amongst themselves. Each young person undertook different roles and developed new skillsets. They are working well as a team and looking forward to the finished product.


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