M.A.D. (Make a Difference) Project Night

Project Summary

Make a Difference (M.A.D) makes up a variety of projects which are young people led and are supported and coached by Youth Workers which empowers young people to plan and deliver positive contributions to their local community and also to support others  that are experiencing severe deprivation.

Our M.A.D. projects include MADfest; Interact; Young Ambassadors Project; WC project and up and coming Strong and Positive women through the ages (1916-2016 Womens Roles) to name but a few.

If you have a project idea for M.A.D night, come down and have a chat to see if we can work together to make it come to life.

Key Information

Project eligibility

13-19 years of age up to 24 with a disability or additional needs.

Project timetable

Every Wednesday night between 6pm – 9pm

Key partners / funders

People’s Health Trust


Lead worker

Anna Butterworth – Youth Worker



Phone number

01582 544990


  • Raise aspirations of young people in the community.
  • Raise awareness of TOKKO and other charity organisations bringing about community cohesion
  • To be inclusive off all ages and abilities (13-24yrs).
  • Promote self-esteem and self-worth.
  • Promote positive contribution to the local community.

Case Studies

Project Case Study 1

TOKKO has been supporting a young father who has mental health difficulties; low self-esteem and negative self-awareness; who has an amazing talent for beat boxing.  We found out about his talent in 2015; when he would come and use TOKKO’s stairwell to practice because of it’s acoustics.  His self-confidence was low and he would refuse to perform in front of anyone.

However; a young mum came up with an idea to showcase the talents of young people in Luton to raise money and awareness for TOKKO and Keech Children’s Hospice.  I approached this young father to see if he would like to get involved.  He was dubious at first due to his nerves and shyness of performing in front of people.  He agreed to give it go.

In January this young father; whose engagement with TOKKO was inconsistent; joined the MADFest project.  He attended all sessions; right up to the live performance in July.

During this time; he started off performing in front of a handful of people that he felt comfortable with to performing; gradually increasing his confidence to performing at the Bright Stars awards for about 1 minute with an audience of approximately 50 people.

Yet on the MADFest night; he performed a full 5 minutes in front of an audience of 80 plus; including his family members and a local hip hop producer and MC.

The outcome of MADFest for this young father was enhanced self-esteem and confidence and being noticed by an influential music producer in Luton who has asked him to perform in a music video and future ventures.

MADFest has been beneficial as it was a project that brought the community together; raised money for two local charities; and it’s become a baseline for future MADFest charity events.

Project Case Study 2

This young person participated in all of the session during MADFest; during which time she faced a barrage of knockbacks including mental health difficulties, feeling ill, losing her voice, sofa surfing and 2 nights before the final MADFest performance, being made completely homeless.  TOKKO supported this young person throughout with constant encouragement to enable her to boost her confidence and self-esteem and also helped her find a place within a hostel; enabling her to put down her foundation and  build up on her life with a fresh start.  This young person has come so far and it was amazing to see her close the show which was a complete success – a true inspiration to other young people.

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