Princes Trust Fairbridge Programme

Project Summary

How can Fairbridge benefit you?

• Gain two qualifications, one in teamwork, and the other in interpersonal skills and self management.

• Continuing 1:1 support to help with anything you need to support positive progression.

• A wide array of Follow-on courses for you to choose from after the initial Access Course.

• A fun, active residential full of outdoor activities all geared towards your personal and team goals.

What does Fairbridge entail?

Fairbridge starts with a group induction the week before your Access Course begins, this allows you the chance to meet your other team members and find out more about the activities you will be doing on the programme. The next time you all meet up will be the start of your week long Access Course. This first day, along with the second day of the course will be team building days at TOKKO. They aim to form a bond between you and your team members in a fun, activity packed and safe environment. You will also plan your shopping list and meals for your residential. On the third day, you will arrive early in the morning, with your bags packed, ready for the start of your residential. This takes place over three days, packed with activities ranging from canoeing, to shelter building and much more designed to enable you to gain new experiences and undertake your own personal journey. On the final day, you will arrive back at TOKKO for a debrief. After your Access Course has finished, you will be given an appointment to come in and pick your Follow On Courses.  Each client chooses 6 Follow-on courses but can choose more if they wish.  During these times, you will have 1:1 sessions with an assigned youth worker to help with life problems and moving on advice that matters to you.

Key Information

Project eligibility

Young people not in education, employment or training (NEET) aged 13-25yrs

Project timetable

Bi-monthly cohorts

1 week Access Course

1:1 sessions

X6 compulsory Follow-on Courses

Key partners / funders

Princes Trust


Lead worker

Joff Talbot – Youth Worker


Phone number

01582 544990


  • Builds on confidence and self-esteem.
  • Learn to work with a wide variety of people within a team.
  • Develop team work skills through both indoor and outdoor/adventurous activities.
  • Gain two accredited qualifications to enhance your CV.
  • Clients tackle barriers to positive outcomes in a youth-led manner to create ownership and completion of long, short and medium terms goals.

Case Studies

Project Case Study 1

A young lady came to TOKKO to see if she could be a client on the Fairbridge (Princes Trust) programme having heard about it. She was clearly in need of support and was painfully shy, anxious and suffered from acute anxiety.  Following a short interview and the initial paperwork completed she was set to start; the course would be good for her but was also going to be a huge challenge.

Commencing the course she started confidently given her circumstance but soon took a phone call of which sent her into a quiet spell, which turned into a far more concerning issue as she wouldn’t get involved in any part of the programme, sat in the corner on the floor of the room and would not talk to anyone for over an hour. She was clearly very upset and staff and clients on the course supported her with kind words and being there for her.  It was a while until any progression was made with her on the course. During the remainder of the course she was engaged but followed a similar pattern; very sensitive to situations.  She clearly tried really hard on the course, communicated well and socialised well, just had major anxiety concerns.  She came on to the course a second time around 6 months later and this time around there was such a change it was quite amazing to see.  When asked what the change had been; she explained that Fairbridge had been such a positive chapter in her life and she was so grateful.  She was now able to leave the house more often, make new friends and even start looking at finding work in order to travel! A huge turn of events.  She has since met someone and is in a healthy relationship, volunteering at TOKKO on front desk and generally in a far better mental place.

Project Case Study 2

A young man was referred by the Youth Offending Team to the Fairbridge project.  The Fairbridge worker went to see him at court where he was sitting with another young man – The young person saw the opportunity as a positive one and took the plunge. He seemed a different person during the course; he was vibrant and ready to give the project a good run.  He brought good energy to the group and was enthusiastic.

He had been in trouble with the police but also had concerns with alcohol and a cocaine addiction and had moved down south in order to get support.

He excelled through the programme and continues to do well. He is now supporting others going through similar concerns and volunteers at Cocaine Anonymous (CA).

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