Young Fathers Project

Project Summary

This project supports Young Fathers (aged 14-24) living in Luton who need support in the following areas:

• 1-1 support

• Parenting skills

• Sexual health awareness (including c card distribution)

• Access to counselling support

• Benefit welfare advice (money & housing)

• Preparing for employment

• CV writing

• Healthy cooking classes

• Importance of learning through play (TOKKO Totz / five to thrive)

• Budgeting & money support

• Advocacy (supporting young fathers at various meetings including social care meetings)

Many young fathers present with multiple needs upon referral to the service.

For example a young father may have two children by different mothers, straight out of prison with housing needs, training and employment needs, need for ID or anger issues.

The 1-1 support offered would meet the needs of each individual; for example offering support on how to manage anger without negative consequence, assistance with linking in housing providers and private landlords to secure a fixed address, and, to help gain ID to assist with independent living following multiple prison terms.

Other assistance has included updating CVs for greater opportunities in employment and couple / relationship counselling. If relevant we support a referral on to other local relevant services that provide specific support.

Key Information

Project eligibility

Young Fathers aged 14-24 yrs old living in Luton.

Project timetable

Meeting needs of young fathers – employed or not, to be available at times that suit them. The Young Fathers Worker attendsTOKKO Totz sessions (Wednesday between 12-3pm during academic term time)

Key partners / funders

Public Health


Lead worker

Neil Hannah – Young Fathers Worker


Phone number

01582 544990


  • Experience a dedicated father’s service with 1-1 support that’s free, confidential and non-judgmental.
  • Be referred in to otherTOKKO projects & trips.
  • The opportunity to meet other young fathers.
  • Have access to other local relevant services.
  • Gain information about healthy lifestyle’s and help with employment and benefits, CV writing , cooking and budgeting.

Case Studies

Project Case Study 1

This young father has been in care himself. At the age of 19 he left care and was given a council flat. Currently he has 4 x children from 3 different partners. Over the last 5 years he has lived with different partners and has had different employment contracts. 2 out of his 4 children are part of Children Care Plan from social services. He has taken one of his ex partners to court to get full custody and is currently still going through this. His ex-partner has a new boyfriend who is a violent person and has a record of DV. This is a cause of concerns for this young father.

He has rent arrears to the council which is making payments. He is currently on a zero hour contract as a warehouse operative. The court has ordered he keeps contact with his children so he has contact every other weekend and on Friday evenings. Previously he was homeless and was sofa surfing but the council would not help him with housing due to him leaving his flat and intentionally making himself homeless. Following support the young father is now living with his partner in a stable home with one of his children. He has secured employment and is supporting his family financially and following social services requirements and will be signed off in the next few months.

Project Case Study 2

This young father is 22 years old. and got his ex-partner pregnant.   She is 8 years older than him and has previously lost her children to social services. He was staying with her and supporting her through the pregnancy. As she has mental health issues they ended up arguing and this ended in an altercation where he bit her arm out of self-defence. Police were called and he has since been charged with AHB. He is currently completing community service hours and is working part time. He has limited contact with his child at a contact centres. He is now living back with his parents and is worried how his child’s mother will cope with the new baby. He is largely over weight and is currently using cannabis to deal with the stress. Since working with the TOKKO young fathers project worker the young father has developed confidence and self esteem and now has unlimited access to his child and is developing positive bonds. The young father has also secured employment and in between work volunteers at TOKKO to enhance his emotional and social well-being. He is also working on his weight management and is accessing support to reduce smoking.

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