We accept professional, parental/guardian and self-referrals for all of our projects to provide timely appropriate support to service users. Please ensure that you have obtained consent from the relevant young person prior to making the referral and confirm this on the referral form.

Please take a look at our guidance below prior to completing the referral form. Once the completed the form is submitted it will be processed by the relevant team and the project lead will be in touch to confirm the next steps.


1 – Gather Information:
Collect essential details about the young person, including their full name, date of birth, contact information, and any relevant background information.

2 – Reason for Referral:
Clearly outline the reason for the referral. Specify any challenges or concerns the young person may be facing, such as mental health issues, educational challenges, or family-related issues.

3 – Specific Needs:
Identify and detail the specific needs of the young person; providing specific information helps TOKKO understand how they can best assist.

4 – Include Relevant Context:
Provide context about the young person’s current situation, any recent changes, or significant events that may have contributed to the referral.

5 – Consent and Confidentiality:
If applicable, ensure that you have obtained consent from the young person or their legal guardian for the referral. Assure them of the confidentiality of the information shared.

6. Include Strengths and Interests:
Highlight the young person’s strengths, talents, and interests. This information can help TOKKO tailor their support to the individual’s unique qualities.

7 – Previous Support and Interventions:
Briefly mention any previous support or interventions that have been attempted and their outcomes. This gives TOKKO a better understanding of what has been tried before.

8 – Emergency Contact Information:
Provide emergency contact information for the young person, including the contact details of a parent, guardian, or another responsible adult.

9 – Cultural Considerations:
If relevant, mention any cultural considerations or specific cultural needs that should be taken into account when providing support.

10 – Submit Complete and Accurate Forms:
Ensure that all required fields in the online referral form are completed accurately. Incomplete or inaccurate information may delay the process.

Remember that clear and comprehensive information will enable TOKKO to better assess the needs of the young person and provide appropriate support.

Please be aware that our youth counselling service for 10-18 year olds currently has a waiting list of approximately 12-16 weeks.



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