Project Overview

Interact is a project which is structured around social change. The group is sponsored by Luton Rotary to develop and create social change both locally and internationally through social action.

The group is structured in a hierarchy and is run by an elected president who works with his vice president to chair meetings. There is also a junior vice president, a secretary and a treasurer. This structure allows young people to develop an understanding of the employment sector and how organisations are run in order to create effective outcomes. In addition young people develop confidence, self-worth, meet new people and develop a range of skills to help them advance in life.

Project outcomes

The group works together to create and then undertake social action projects. This provides the opportunity for young people to connect with community leaders, develop leadership skills and make international connections. The project also develops budgeting, team work and communication skills. Young people develop a sense of responsibility and ownership as tasks are delegated to team members in order to see a project through to completion.

  • Eligibility: All young people aged 13-19
  • Timetable: Project meets alternate Thursdays between 5-7pm. Where necessary the group meets outside of these hours to complete their social action projects and at times when they are more available e.g. school holidays.
  • Key partners/Funders: Luton Someries Rotary Club.

What can I gain from getting involved in youth social action?

  • Develop leadership skills.
  • Connect with community leaders.
  • Make national & international connections.
  • Develop budgeting and organisation skills.
  • Develop interpersonal skills to create effective outcomes
  • Make a difference in my community.

Join us now!

we are interactors, we are people of action

The project has seen several successful projects from infancy to completion since its creation, including the development and implementation of a tuck shop at TOKKO to fundraise for the ongoing projects. The group are currently working with a local farm on restoration work to upkeep the residential section of the farm for other young people to use. In addition to this they are looking to become involved in an international project later this year.

This project provides a fantastic transition from the final phase of NCS for young people who are seeking to continue developing the skills learnt in order to create social change.


  • Lead worker: Lizzie Bottrill – Youth Worker
  • E-mail:
  • Phone number: 01582 544990
  • TOKKO accepts self-referrals from young people as well as referrals from parents and professionals such as GP’s, schools, health services, youth workers and social workers.
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  • “They have helped me to meet new people and put myself out into the real world comfortably.”

    Mentoring client

  • “TOKKO did not just help me; they saved me from destroying myself.”

    OK2B Client

  • “My time at Tokko was informative, ideal and overall impeccable”

    Work Experience – Chiltern Academy

  • “We are in a better place now because of the kindness of you and your team shared to us!”

    Family supported during the pandemic

  • “Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me.”

    Inclusion Project Client

  • ‘I felt I was not being judged.’

    Young Person – OK2B Project

  • ‘I trust the workers, and I never felt judged.’

    Young Person – Young Parents Project

  • ‘I am in a much better place.’

    Counselling Client

  • ‘Thank you for helping me let go of things to feel better.’

    Counselling client

  • ‘If it wasn’t for TOKKO, I wouldn’t be where I am today.’


  • ‘TOKKO saved my life.’

    Freedom Programme Client