OK2B is our youth group for LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender + Questioning) community aged 13-19.

We offer a youth friendly space where young people can feel safe, make friends with like-minded young people and access further support services.

Young people can receive 1-2-1 support at Tokko, in school, or virtually. They are also given the chance to be the voice of the young LGBTQ+ community in Luton and surrounding areas.

Activities include

  • Understanding the law around Homosexuality
  • Visits to events that support the LGBTQ+ Community
  • Research the History of the LGBTQ+ Community
  • LGBTQ+ History Month (February) – develop an informative display using chosen media
  • Promote mental health and wellbeing
  • Promote healthy relationships

Project Outcomes

  • A sense of belonging and community for young LGBTQ+ community
  • Understanding and awareness of issues facing LGBTQ+ young people
  • To make young people feel more confident and self-aware


  • Lead worker: Lizzie Bottrill
  • E-mail: lizzie.bottrill@tokko.co.uk
  • Phone number: 01582 544990
  • TOKKO accepts self-referrals from young people as well as referrals from parents and professionals such as GP’s, schools, health services, youth workers and social workers.
Refer now
  • “They have helped me to meet new people and put myself out into the real world comfortably.”

    Mentoring client

  • “TOKKO did not just help me; they saved me from destroying myself.”

    OK2B Client

  • “My time at Tokko was informative, ideal and overall impeccable”

    Work Experience – Chiltern Academy

  • “We are in a better place now because of the kindness of you and your team shared to us!”

    Family supported during the pandemic

  • “Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me.”

    Inclusion Project Client

  • ‘Lifewise is like a mental health first-aid box.’

    Young Person – Lifewise Project

  • ‘I felt I was not being judged.’

    Young Person – OK2B Project

  • ‘I trust the workers, and I never felt judged.’

    Young Person – Young Parents Project

  • ‘I am in a much better place.’

    Counselling Client

  • ‘Thank you for helping me let go of things to feel better.’

    Counselling client

  • ‘If it wasn’t for TOKKO, I wouldn’t be where I am today.’


  • ‘TOKKO saved my life.’

    Freedom Programme Client