Disability Project

Project Summary

What do we offer?

Our Disability Project is aimed specifically for vulnerable young people with a variety of disabilities including autistic spectrum, downs syndrome and global developmental delay; all of which regularly attend our disability project.

We offer a wide range of fun activities during each session including cooking every other week; Art session every week, open mic once a month, climbing wall once a month; pool, table-tennis tournaments, listening to favourite music and basically chilling with friends and peer volunteers.

We also have a range of activities and trips planned that promote independent living skills and enhance social and emotional wellbeing, which are fun and are chosen by the young people that attend the group.

We have a high participation and retention rate which is continuously growing and we also have experienced staff and young people who volunteer their time to support and be positive influences to the young people that are part of the project.

Each week brings fun and there is never a dull moment.  It is a privilege to be involved in such a great project and we are always looking for volunteers to support them.


Key Information


13-24 year old young people with additional needs.


Sessions are FREE

  • Tuesday 6pm-8.30pm (term time only)

  • Various disability group specific activities during school holidays – advertised separately

Key Partners/Funders

Currently funded from TOKKO central funds.


Lead Worker

Nikki Bennett



Phone Number

01582 544990


What can I expect from taking part?

  • Enhance social interaction and cognitive development.

  • Build positive relationships with peer mentors and volunteers.

  • Enhance independent living skills.

  • Provide opportunities for fun and informal learning (independence skills) in a safe environment to build self-esteem and confidence.

  • Enhance communication skills.


Case Studies

Case study 1

This young person has been attending the project for the past couple of years and during their time they have enjoyed coming each week.  She has enhanced her independent living skills and social skills; she is confident with her money management skills and although requires support whilst out and about; she has become more responsible with her money and spending.
This young person is coming to an age where she would be too old to stay on for the project which she wasn’t happy about so she asked to become a volunteer.  It was suggested that perhaps being the mentor for the group would be more beneficial and comes with responsibilities.
This young person has taken their role very seriously and is brilliant at it; she welcomes new members and shows them around TOKKO; introducing them to everyone in the centre and ensures that they are made to feel welcome.  This has enhanced her communication and social skills as well as boosted her self-esteem and confidence.  She is not just a valued member of the group but also a part of the team.

Case study 2

This young person is an excellent dancer; but has experienced severe bullying from the dance group that he belonged to. He showed us his skills in a talent night and since then nearly every session; 15-20 minutes has been set aside for him to do dance routines for anyone who would like to watch.  This young person revels in the attention and is so happy doing the routines.  It has built his self-esteem and confidence; he is normally very quiet and shy but becomes a different person when the music starts.
When he was picked up by mum; mum asked what he had been up to; when told that he has been showing us his dance routines which we all thoroughly love watching; mum was overwhelmed that now her son can do what he loves to do without being judged or laughed at. TOKKO provides a safe space for young people to be who they want to be without the fear of being ridiculed.

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