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Project Summary

What’s Lifewise?

Lifewise was launched at Tokko in 2017 due to the growing increase in anxiety, depression, separation, loneliness and isolation in our young people. It seeks to address the balance, harmony and connection for the individual and relationships.

Lifewise is a restorative well-being programme which focuses on self-betterment, connection and the person’s overall well-being. The programme seeks to create a culture of well-ness through 3 distinctive approaches of which are explained below:
• Wholistic mentoring
• Fundamentals course
• Outdoors experience


Lifewise Mentoring

This programme is a non-clinical, whole person 1-2-1 approach to mentoring. The ‘whole person’ approach acknowledges we are made up of all life experience of which have their symptomatic effect, both positive and not so much. It’s when imbalance is created when support is appreciated.
Our conversational approach helps create personal strategies towards self-responsibility and personal freedom.
To positive effect we explore non-physical life experiences and links to the physical, leading to betterment and personal responsibility. As a result of our approach we have found many other areas of life fall into place.
Typical engagement is 12 sessions, 1 hour session per week, however can expand depending on need at the time.


Lifewise Fundamentals Course

The programme is a 5 session, 2 hours per session course exploring the impacts of the non-material life experiences and the influence on the emotional and physical self. This vast and broad subject matter is brought into useful, bitesize and relatable experience for attendees – that, in fact we all experience to some degree. When brought to the front the person opens to areas of life little discussed and positively impacted.
The course is designed to open the eyes and mind of the attendee; broadening the person’s awareness spectrum, whilst beneficially helping to reinforce their positive self.
Lifewise Fundamentals course is now available 1:1 – contact details in the ‘Contact’ tab.


Outdoors Experience

This programme brings individuals closer the natural world and the many benefits that comes from the connection. This course explores us as nature beings, what happens when we are disconnected here and our connection and relationship with the natural world.
The Outdoor Experience is run as a 1, 2 or 3 day course with or without residential.
Group size from 2 – 10 people.

Lifewise Outdoors course is currently only available 1:1 only – contact for details.

Key Information

Project eligibility

Are you or someone you know asking deeper questions other adults have a hard time answering?

Do you want to more about your world and make sense of life happenings?

Do you want to take charge of your life with professional support?

Are you expericing anxiety, life pressures, feeling alone?  We can help.

11 – 25yrs age range

Project timetable

1 hour phone/video chat sessions per week

Free service


Lead Worker

Joff Talbot – Youth Worker


Phone number

01582 544990


What can I gain from Lifewise?

  • Young people feel more secure, leading to confidence in themselves to better navigate previously difficult social settings.

  • Individuals have learned impactful life tools to use in everyday life; dealing with anxiety, bullying, loneliness, clarity and making better life choices.

  • Individuals are better able to deal with some of life’s repeating patterns and break the cycle with clearer understanding.

  • Young people are able to focus more on their mental wealth and aim higher and be more precise in their wants, needs and learn how to get there.

Case Studies

Case Study 1

“I can’t thank you enough. Before I started the Lifewise programme, I wasn’t in a good place mentally. I was struggling with home life and with socialising/friends. As a result of this, I resorted to self-harming as I thought it was my only option.

Lifewise has opened my eyes. i now look forward to Tuesdays and talking to you. I’m now proud to say that I am 6 weeks clean and without self-harm. I’m proud of my sexuality. Thank you for everything, keep being awesome and I hope we meet again.”


Case Study 2 

“I suffer with high anxiety which can physically affect me. There have been times when I literally couldn’t breathe due to life challenges and through Lifewise I was introduced to breathing techniques which I use and have encouraged others to use.

Lifewise has been a journey of learning for me, there are so many different tools to explore so I feel like it can accommodate anyone. I had a massive connection with the mudras and learning about their uses has been insightful and effective. It’s something I use daily to relax.

Lifewise is a programme I think should be introduced to everyone – it’s like your personal mental health first-aid box which you can access anytime.”

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