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Project Summary

What’s Tokko Totz?

Our TOKKO Totz sessions are aimed at young parents with children 0-2 years. We offer a range of fun activities during each session which are linked to the Flying Start Five to Thrive initiative.

What do we offer?

We have a book corner for parents to read to their children, a music area where the children can explore different sounds, an art and crafts table every two weeks, soft teddy area for the younger children to explore different textures and most importantly ensure a non-judgemental, safe environment. In addition partner agencies join the sessions to provide easily accessible and professional information, advice and guidance where needed.

We have a range of activities and trips planned to encourage the young parents to get out and about with their children, this enhances social and emotional wellbeing, and the locations are chosen by the young parents that attend the TOKKO Totz sessions.

We have the Young Parents Support Workers and a Project Support Staff Member who supports the young parents and are positive influences.

Key Information


Young parents to be and young parents up to the age of 24 with children up to the age of 2 years


Wednesday 12-3pm (Term time only)

Key partners/Funders

Public Health – Luton


Lead worker

Sade Lee-Skepple – Young Parents Support Worker


Phone number

01582 544990


What can I gain from Tokko Totz?

  • Young parents  gain confidence and self-esteem enhancing their mental wellbeing.

  • Young parents notice a difference in their relationships with their children.

  • Young parents become more outspoken about what they want and don’t want with regards to parenting and working with other agencies.

  • Young parents gain confidence and self-esteem enhancing their mental wellbeing.

  • The children and young parents play and explore the new facilities enhancing social and cognitive development.

Case Studies

Case study 1

DK is a young mother of two children under the age of 5. When DK first came to TOKKO Totz she was pregnant with her second child, she was having problems with her neighbours and struggling to get out due to fear of abuse. Coming to TOKKO Totz she became more confident as a mother and as an individual, DK progressed to an apprenticeship and is thriving with her confidence/ self-esteem. She also has supported the planning for TOKKO Totz sessions.

DK has now transformed from the shadow of herself to show her full potential. DK feels like she is being the best mum she can be to her children and she and we are proud of how far she came.


Case study 2

MA is a young mum who has suffered from Post Natal Depression, isolation, no family links and no friends in the area. Since MA has been attending the TOKKO Totz sessions she has built bridges with her family and has made many friends.

MA is fully engaged within the Totz sessions; she is very outgoing and is showing a bubbly personality. MA is taking part in our summer activities and also encourages the other parents to engage.

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