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Project Summary

What do we offer?

At Tokko we offer a safe and confidential environment for young people aged 10-18 years old.

We offer 1-2-1 talking therapies with a qualified counsellor in partnership with Sorted Counselling. It allows young people to explore their thoughts and feelings in a safe and non-judgmental environment.
We help the young person to discover their own solutions and ways of coping so they gain the confidence in their own ability and develop the skills that will aid and support them through this difficult period and throughout their life.
We welcome self-referrals as well as professional referrals. You can call us on 01582 544990 to make a referral.

What’s counselling like at Tokko?

Counselling at TOKKO is short-term intervention counselling (6 weeks).

It allows young people to share their problems in a confidential environment while being treated with respect based on an understanding of their individual culture and background.

The counsellors build a relationship of trust with the clients so that they are able to explore the difficulties which may include the stressful or emotional feelings of the client, this will then help the client to see things more clearly, possibly from a different view-point.

As the clients have the right to control their own lives, the fully qualified counsellors will not tell the young people what to do but they will help them act on their own decisions, to make positive steps to achieve positive outcomes in a safe environment.

Key Information


Must be registered with a GP in Luton and be between the ages of 10 and 18.

Due to the current government guidelines, sessions are currently being run online via video call.


Sessions are FREE and available by appointment only:

  • Tuesday 3-6

  • Wednesday 4-6

  • Thursday 4-6

  • Saturday 1-4

Key partners / funders

Luton, Beds and Milton Keynes Clinical Commissioning Group


Lead Worker

Ella Pinelli – Business & Project Support Administrator


Phone number

01582 544990


What can I gain from counselling?

  • Young people learn ways to understand and control their behaviour.

  • Helps clients develop more of an insight towards their own thoughts and emotions so they can understand them more clearly.

  • Builds clients confidence and increases self-esteem.

  • Enables clients to have a better understanding of themselves and others.

  • Develops coping strategies to give the clients the ability to deal with difficult situations.

Case Studies

Case Study 1

Luke, aged 17 years was encouraged by his Doctor to attend counselling.  He was having severe panic attacks, was depressed and anxious. He had a poor relationship with his mother who had moved abroad leaving him homeless.  He was now living temporarily with his step grandmother.

Luke had only recently learnt that his dad was in fact his stepdad.  His stepdad and mother had both now remarried.  This had impacted on Luke emotionally as he felt abandoned, vulnerable, and mentally and physically drained.  He felt angry towards his mother and felt anxious most of the time.

Luke shared that he was having panic attacks on a daily basis and that it was his step grandmother who had encouraged him to seek help.  He disclosed that at times he felt suicidal and that he may become homeless soon.

Exploring his situation, Luke shared that his mother was an alcoholic, was very abusive and had cheated on his stepdad.  Our work centred on his anxieties, anger, panic attacks and abandonment using CBT and breathing techniques to overcome these issues.

It became apparent that Luke lived in fear of rejection by his step grandmother and her family and this seemed the major cause of his panic attacks.  Luke was encouraged to voice his fears with her and after this became more accepting of the nurturing she and her family were giving him, realising that they did care for him.

Luke saw that his fear of abandonment stemmed from his mother’s behaviour towards him and he became more accepting towards his step-family as his family, acknowledging, “They take care of me far more than she did.”  Luke now sees a future for himself and his suicidal thoughts have gone.  He has now found work and no longer has panic attacks.


Case Study 2

John presented on the advice of his GP with a history of anxiety and more recently, panic attacks that had become so severe and frequent that he had not been able to attend school for the past two weeks.

With John the counsellor explored the nature of the panic attacks – accelerated heart rate, sweating, feeling sick, dizzy… and when they occurred, which was mostly when John tried to go outside, but sometimes indoors too.  They talked about any possible triggers, past life/ family events, school life, friendships, and worries.

After a couple of sessions, a goal was set for John to walk to the corner shop with his mum, using some prearranged distractions and coping techniques which had worked when he felt a panic attack coming on at home.

John came back the next week having successfully done that, so the next goal was to play football with friends next to his house, which he managed. Within five sessions, John was able to walk to school and stay there all day. John has reported feeling much calmer and happier. Mum is relieved and the school are happy to see him and are supporting him.

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