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Project Summary

What’s Tokko Youth Board?

The Youth Board is a exciting opportunity for young people who wish to make a direct difference to Tokko Youth Space and its future.  The Youth Board is made up of approximately 10 young people aged 13-19, they are the youth voice at the heart of our organisation. 2 youth board members sit on the Independent Board who are the overall decision making body of TOKKO as a charity ensuring that young people are involved at all levels.


What do we offer?

Youth Board achievements include: involvement in the initial bid and build of TOKKO, choosing the architect and location of the building, deciding the final fixtures and fittings, fundraising and community support as well as getting involved in activities and volunteering. As you can see it is a fantastic opportunity to make a real difference within a positive youth focused charity.

We are now in the next phase of the Youth Board where the group create the holiday activities, support and create charity events, work with other young people and partners to build on the good work of TOKKO and also their social and employability skills.

Key Information


Young people 13-19yrs (up to 24 with a disability)


Bi-weekly meetings
Various activities and missions throughout the year.

Key partners/Funders

Currently funded from TOKKO central funds.


Lead worker

Joff Talbot – Youth Worker


Phone number

01582 544990


What can I gain from Tokko Youth Board?

  • Build on confidence and self-esteem.

  • Develop communication skills.

  • Work within a tight team to ensure young people’s voices get heard in their locality.

  • Raise the profile of TOKKO Youth Space whilst improving social and teamwork skills.

  • Plan, do and review a multitude of projects ensuring quality youth provision at TOKKO whilst developing skills,  knowledge and experience for the future.

Case Studies

Case study 1

CR joined the TOKKO Youth Board in early 2012 at the very start of TOKKO’s construction of the building and is currently an active member (Spring 2017).

As part of the original Youth Board CR was part of the group who worked with the architect as to designing floor layout, choosing soft furnishings as well as being on the interview panel for some of the staff interviews.  This was a big opportunity for all young people on the Youth Board and now in its operational stage CR continues to be an active part of the Board.

He has matured with TOKKO over the past 4yrs and explains the opportunities have been wide and varied through this time which have supported him in developing his future and provided valuable experience which he can draw on.


Case study 2

LD came to TOKKO a very shy and young person lacking confidence. He kept to himself mostly and was very sensitive to peers and certain situations.  After much nurturing and support where needed LD has grown in confidence and self-esteem and is a very active part of TOKKO and indeed the Youth Board.  We have seen his positive journey to becoming a talented, confident, caring and funny young person who has a desire to give back to TOKKO what he has gained in himself.  He thought a good way to do this was to join the Youth Board. We have been lucky enough to watch his positive growth and seen him engage in the local community and his musical involvement  in several projects; developing his passion.

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