Work Experience at Tokko

We can help you get ahead ready for your next job or career move.

TOKKO provides opportunities for suitable people of all ages (both in education or looking to get into work) to be able to do quality work experience with us.

All placements are subject to an initial informal interview. Please note we have limited capacity to ensure we offer a quality experience with suitable supervision so enquire early to check our availability and secure your placement.

Work experience at TOKKO gives you the chance to work in an office setting: understanding processes, using office equipment, developing workplace IT skills, experience dealing with visitors on reception or gain experience within a youth work environment supporting projects and youth activities.

Our placements provide an opportunity to explore career options whilst helping to develop communication, teamwork, problem solving and an understanding of work ethic.

If the placement goes well; in addition to a reference; we will support people into volunteering opportunities or other suitable avenues which can help you: meet new people, develop yourself, gain a sense of wellbeing and most importantly become a part of your local community.

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Work Experience Placement ONE

“Case A had been caring from her mum for many years and had joined the Princes Trust programme in Hemel Hempstead, she came to TOKKO for her work placement to have a go at everything in youth work so she could get a first-hand experience of working with different types of young people.

She now has an opportunity to work at the next Princes Trust team and volunteering at TOKKO afterwards to develop her employability further.

She has gained confidence in working with new and different types of people and has learned a lot about different path ways of education to get into youth work and the specialities that you can get into”

Work Experience Placement Two

“Work experience B came to TOKKO from a local High School for a 2 week work placement with another student. Already familiar with TOKKO he hit the ground running and started planning his own project – A fundraising event for TOKKO.

The work experience student arranged the venue, raffle prizes and contacted local businesses to enter teams during his 2 weeks with TOKKO. His school also released him to support the event on the day where they raised just over £250. The work experience placement provided valuable transferable skills, enhancing the students CV. The young person remains in touch and has now secured part-time employment whilst undertaking his further education studies.”

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  • “My time at Tokko was informative, ideal and overall impeccable”

    Work Experience – Chiltern Academy

  • “We are in a better place now because of the kindness of you and your team shared to us!”

    Family supported during the pandemic

  • “Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me.”

    Inclusion Project Client

  • ‘Lifewise is like a mental health first-aid box.’

    Young Person – Lifewise Project

  • ‘I felt I was not being judged.’

    Young Person – OK2B Project

  • ‘I trust the workers, and I never felt judged.’

    Young Person – Young Parents Project

  • ‘I am in a much better place.’

    Counselling Client

  • ‘Thank you for helping me let go of things to feel better.’

    Counselling client

  • ‘If it wasn’t for TOKKO, I wouldn’t be where I am today.’


  • ‘TOKKO saved my life.’

    Freedom Programme Client