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TOKKO holds opportunities for suitable people of all ages (both in education or looking to get into work) to be able to do quality work experience with us.
All placements are subject to an initial interview and we are only able to support one candidate in a work area at any one time to ensure a quality experience and suitable supervision. This gives you the chance to work in an office setting helping with paper work, using office equipment, gaining experience on the computer, experience reception or gaining experience in working in a youth work environment.

TOKKO runs different projects and groups such as general drop in, disability, LGBT and open mic night. All of these different groups give potential work placements and an opportunity to explore the options to see which kind of path they would like to follow whilst helping to develop communication, teamwork and work ethic.

If over 16 and the placement goes well, we aim to support people into volunteering opportunities (either youth volunteering, reception volunteering or youth work volunteering) or other suitable avenues which can help you meet new people, develop yourself, gain a sense of wellbeing and most importantly become a part of the community.


Want to know what it’s like? Read our testimonials below!

Case study 1

“I am currently in year 10 – a year away from completing my GCSEs – and I had to complete a two week placement for my work experience. I was unsure of what career path I wanted to take in the future but was interested in all aspects of business. I had heard about Tokko through meeting the executive manager at the Luton Mall so I sent an email regarding this opportunity that included information about myself and my interests. Hazel accepted my email and wanted to create an effective training plan to meet my learning outcomes and show me the work that Tokko undertakes to support young people.

Prior to my placement I met with Hazel, my mentor, and we had an informal interview. We discussed my plans for my placement and any other queries I had that had not already been answered. This made me feel more at ease and less nervous to start my placement.

On my first day I was introduced to the members of staff, who made me feel very welcome and I was given an in depth tour of the building and the health & safety procedures. I was instructed on how to operate office equipment including the: printer, laminator, shredder, guillotine, phones, gaming equipment, computer system and the answer phone system. Hazel had created a list of jobs for me to start off with including: shredding, laminating, tidying the infamous stationery cupboard, answering phones and updating the fire & emergency procedure posters.

Over the first week I completed a variety of jobs which improved my problem – solving, communication, customer service, self –management, literacy, numeracy, IT and teamwork skills.  I was often faced with challenges which I overcame by finding out the correct information or seeking advice from my mentor. I completed the room utilisation spreadsheet for 2019 to ensure that Tokko are using their facilities as much as possible.

In addition I was set on 2 projects over the two weeks. I created an e-survey for Chums, CAMHS and Tokko which was related to the mental wellbeing of Luton’s young people and the performance of these services. My mentor then emailed it to CAMHS and Chums and they will respond to it over the month of February so that we can receive feedback before sending it out to other companies across Luton.

Furthermore, I had to create a brief which outlined the different ways in which we can integrate uniformed youth groups, e.g. Guides and cadets, into Tokko and their activities/projects. As a Guide myself and as a daughter of a guide leader I already had some background knowledge on how the system worked and what Guides are interested in. Tokko has some great facilities such as: climbing wall, kitchen, gaming floor and dance studio which could encourage them to visit to Tokko. Also, coming to Tokko and taking part in projects could link to some of their badges that are related to taking action, DofE and young leader qualifications. I then started to create a plan of action so that someone could uphold this after I leave.

After completing my work experience at Tokko I have partaken in plenty of experiences that I can put on my CV for my college application and future jobs. I have improved on my skills especially my communication and IT skills, which will be very useful in any job role. If you are thinking about doing a work experience placement you should pick Tokko as you learn many different skills that will set you up for later life.”


Case study 2

“Case A had been caring from her mum for many years and had joined the Princes Trust programme in Hemel Hempstead, she came to TOKKO for her work placement to have a go at everything in youth work so she could get a first-hand experience of working with different types of young people.

She now has an opportunity to work at the next Princes Trust team and volunteering at TOKKO afterwards to develop her employability further.

She has gained confidence in working with new and different types of people and has learned a lot about different path ways of education to get into youth work and the specialities that you can get into”


Case study 3

“Work experience B came to TOKKO from a local High School for a 2 week work placement with another student. Already familiar with TOKKO he hit the ground running and started planning his own project – A fundraising event for TOKKO.
The work experience student arranged the venue, raffle prizes and contacted local businesses to enter teams during his 2 weeks with TOKKO. His school also released him to support the event on the day where they raised just over £250. The work experience placement provided valuable transferable skills, enhancing the students CV. The young person remains in touch and has now secured part-time employment whilst undertaking his further education studies.”

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